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Innovation Sandbox previous episodes introduced a trio of data superstars, talked with the brightest in blockchain, uncovered the secrets of process mining, journeyed through DevOps and put the spotlight on innovation. Don’t miss a single conversation.

Jeff Jonas


Ernie Ostic


Rolf Heimes


Jason Kelley


Rebecca Sendel


Matt Tyler

Wachter, Inc.

Stan Waterhouse

CSW Advisory

Wayne Eckerson

The Eckerson Group

On the Road to Healthcare Interoperability

Join us in the Sandbox as we talk about what’s changing in healthcare interoperability, the tech behind it and how you can prepare – and even innovate – for the next bend in the road.

Breaking Out of the Walled Garden of the Cloud

Join us for Prolifics Innovation Sandbox “Breaking Out of the Walled Garden of the Cloud” and learn what the distributed cloud is and why it emerged.

The Privacy Brothers

Join us for Prolifics Innovation Sandbox “Breaking Out of the Walled Garden of the Cloud” and learn what the distributed cloud is and why it emerged.

Next Stop: Data Central

What can get your data on track? Join Prolifics’ CTO Greg Hodgkinson and special guests from Semarchy at our next stop in the Sandbox: Data Central.

Intelligent by Design

Don’t be too cool for school – especially when it’s Dr. G in session. Our Chief Data Scientist, Michael Gonzales, PhD will discuss all things artificial intelligence (AI), from the basics to the innovative ways Prolifics is employing it.

The Best Of

We kick off 2021 with the Innovation Sandbox’s “Greatest Hits.” It’s the best of our guests so far, with Kirsten Craft hosting. Tune in as we look back at the top 10 Sandbox tracks to date!

Interconnected by IoT

Join Arrow Electronics, a provider of innovative IoT solutions, and Wachter, an innovative sensor installer. How IoT is being applied to solve problems globally will amaze you.

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Neurotic About Analytics

Would you like to know the future? With advanced, predictive analytics you can unlock sophisticated patterns in your data. It’s almost like having a crystal ball! Hosted by our new Chief Data Scientist – Michael Gonzales, PhD.

We're LIVE to see the Wizard!

Entity Resolution’s role in improving data quality and the reliability of data analytics is critical. Hear it all from the Wizard of Big Data, Jeff Jonas, leading ER expert and Senzing CEO. Jonas discusses the evolution of ER and its relevance to data accuracy – and what it meant to him when his mom beat him in a marathon!

Take a Byte Out of Data

Data Fabric and Data Lineage are two terms popping up on websites and in blogs – but why? Leading data experts Ernic Ostic wtih Manta and Rolf Heimes with Talend share how data and innovation in technology are shaping business success.

Excavate Inefficiencies and Add to Your Arsenal

Process Mining is a lot more than improving basic processes – it’s a tool that gives you quick ROI and the insight you need to improve your company’s efficiencies. This conversation explores all the areas PM can impact – RPA, customer journey, employee performance and more.

Batchin' It Up with Blockchain

Blockchain isn’t just for cryptocurrency anymore. IBM’s Jason Kelley, a leader in Blockchain, talks about its applicatons in today’s data-focused environment. He also shares his personal journey from U.S. Army Airborne Ranger to the Global Blockchain expert with IBM.

The Future of DevOps

DevOps, DataOps, AI Ops, SecOps and more – this conversation takes you on the DevOps journey, from its roots in lean and agile to its role in automation and today’s new business environment. And, unlike other DevOps stories, this one has a twist … a rubber chicken!

Tales from the SandBox

Innovation is not just a word – it’s a necessity to surviving and achieving in the new normal. How are others innovating with success? How can you? Don’t miss the conversation!


What's in a Name?

When that name is “Innovation Sandbox,” it can say a lot. And we hope it does.

Innovation is a major factor for any company or individual aiming for success. It challenges imaginations, opens doors you may never knew existed, creates comradery and can, very possibly, change the world.


Innovation Sandbox invites you to learn from some of the brightest stars in technology. We’ll talk about everything from big data, application modernization, AI and machine learning to intelligent automation, test automation and more. Make Thursdays your time to play. This Innovation Sandbox is open for everyone!


A sandbox is a place to experiment, play and have fun. Kids in a sandbox create new cities, build castles, sculpt grainy works of art – imagine as adults what we can do. In our Innovation Sandbox, the industry’s brightest will discuss what’s new and next in a relaxed, interactive format. So, come on in. No pail or shovel needed.

Your Hosts

Greg Hodgkinson, Kirsten Craft and Matt Garst set the stage for these innovation conversations.

Greg Hodgkinson

Chief Technology Officer,

Greg’s day job is that of Prolifics CTO. He heads up our Innovation Center and works with teams developing leading-edge solutions with AI, Blockchain and IoT. The Innovation Center’s work around blockchain is an IBM Beacon Award Finalist.


Kirsten Craft

Head of Business Development & Marketing,

In addition to leading marketing, inside sales and software teams for Prolifics, Kirsten has been recognized five out of the past seven years on the CRN Women of Channel list, including as a Power 40 Solution Provider in 2020.

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